Frequently Asked Questions

How do you pronounce your last name?

My name is pronounced “Eye” “Ohn”  ( with the last “e” in “Eye” silent and a long “o” in Ohn”or “Eye” “Own.”

Where does your name come from?

The APOLLODORUS or Pseudo-Apollodorus is the name traditionally given to the author of the Greek work known as The Library or Bibliotheca, a compendium of myth sourced from old Greek epic and the plays of the Tragedians. The work was traditionally ascribed to Apollodorus of Alexandria, a Greek scholar who flourished in the c. 2nd BCE, but his authorship is now dismissed. The work is now generally believed to be a c. 2nd CE compilation. According to Book 1, (as translated by J. G. Frazer)

[1.2.7] To Nereus and Doris were born the Nereids,31 whose names are Cymothoe, Spio, Glauconome, Nausithoe, Halie, Erato, Sao, Amphitrite, Eunice, Thetis, Eulimene, Agave, Eudore, Doto, Pherusa, Galatea, Actaea, Pontomedusa, Hippothoe, Lysianassa, Cymo, Eione, Halimede, Plexaure, Eucrante, Proto, Calypso, Panope, Cranto, Neomeris, Hipponoe, Ianira, Polynome, Autonoe, Melite, Dione, Nesaea, Dero, Evagore, Psamathe, Eumolpe, Ione, Dynamene, Ceto, and Limnoria.

Can you review my recently released book, upcoming exhibition or new DVD?

I am happy to take a look but do not have the time to review many things that are noteworthy. Send unsolicited materials for review to Amy Ione, 2342 Shattuck Ave., #527, Berkeley, CA 94704.  I do not return materials sent for review.

How do I contact you about doing a lecture or an article for a publication?

Please send an email to me.

Is your artwork for sale?

If you are interested in purchasing my artwork, please email.

Is there a reason that you don’t use digital tools in your artwork and yet write extensively about technological practices today?

Hmm. Not every good question has a good answer. My interests are multifaceted and my art encompasses the geometric specificity underlying many scientific endeavors.

Are you a synesthete?

No.  Although I write about synesthesia, I am not a synesthete myself. If you are interested in this area, see the following papers: “Klee and Kandinsky: Polyphonic Paintiing, Chromatic Chords and Synesthesia,” “Was Kandinsky a Synesthete?” (co-authored with Christopher W. Tyler and “Synesthesia: Is F-Sharp Colored Violet?“(co-authored with Christopher W. Tyler.