Frequently Asked Questions

How do you pronounce your last name?

My name is pronounced “Eye” “Ohn”  ( with the last “e” in “Eye” silent and a long “o” in Ohn”or “Eye” “Own.”

Can you review my recently released book, upcoming exhibition or new DVD?

I am happy to take a look but do not have the time to review many things that are noteworthy. Send unsolicited materials for review to Amy Ione, 2342 Shattuck Ave., #527, Berkeley, CA 94704.  I do not return materials sent for review.

How do I contact you about doing a lecture or an article for a publication?

Please send an email to me.

Is your artwork for sale?

If you are interested in purchasing my artwork, please email.

Is there a reason that you don’t use digital tools in your artwork and yet write extensively about technological practices today?

Hmm. Not every good question has a good answer. My interests are multifaceted and my art encompasses the geometric specificity underlying many scientific endeavors.

Are you a synesthete?

No.  Although I write about synesthesia, I am not a synesthete myself. If you are interested in this area, see the following papers: “Klee and Kandinsky: Polyphonic Paintiing, Chromatic Chords and Synesthesia,” “Was Kandinsky a Synesthete?” (co-authored with Christopher W. Tyler and “Synesthesia: Is F-Sharp Colored Violet?“(co-authored with Christopher W. Tyler.