Pandemic Value Study (Oil Painting on Canvas by Amy Ione)

Pandemic Value Study (Oil Painting on Canvas by Amy Ione)
Pandemic Value Study (Oil Painting on Canvas by Amy Ione) (31123). 2020

Oil painting on canvas.Measures 20x24x1 inches. Original design. Signed.

White light comprises all hues on the visible light spectrum. Many consider black to be a color because you combine other pigments to create it on paper. Yet, properly combined black and white can evoke a sense of light. This tension between dark and light is accentuated in this study.

Pisces (Astrological Series) by Amy Ione

Pisces Image
Pisces by Amy Ione. 1985

Now in a private collection, this design includes two spirals on a grid inspired by the sign Pisces and the sign of its ruling planet, Neptune. It is the final work in my 1981-1985 rendering of the signs of the zodiac. See for more details and Christopher W. Tyler’s rendering of the design using Matlab.

“Just Another Day at the Office”: Original Ink Painting/Greeting Card by Amy Ione

Ione, Amy. Just Another Day at the Office, an Original Ink Painting/Greeting Card by Amy Ione, blank inside, suitable for framing, painted on 2 panels, 2019. Signed by artist.

Blank inside for use as a gift/card. It is also suitable for framing.

The card is painted on 2 panels, with the two inside panels blank for your personal message. Note: when open, and viewed as a full drawing /painting, there is a fold down the middle. Each size measures 6.75×5 inches. Full size (unfolded) measures 6.75x 10 inches.

Composition in Black and White

Composition in Black and WhiteIone, Amy. Composition in Black and White. 2021. Black and white study on paper. Measures 6.75×5 inches.

Framed in 8×10 white metal frame with archival white mat covered by plexi-glass. Ships with a certificate of authenticity. Signed and dated on the back by the artist. Colors: Red, Black, Pink, Gray and White. Handmade. Original Artwork. (#31865)