< Autostereograms: Amy Ione and Christoper Tyler

Amy Ione

Two Autostereograms

The one in color was done intuitively by Amy Ione using colored paper rectangles gathered using a punching device The black and white image was done by Christopher W. Tyler, who invented the autostereogram. Rolling your mouse over one of the smaller images will change the image in the top box. Double click on the smaller images to enlarge them on a separate page.

When viewed correctly portions of the autostereogram will appear to pop out of the background.The best way to achieve this is to converge the two eyes at a point behind the pattern. This tricks the brain into matching one element of the pattern, as seen by the left eye, with another (similar looking) element, beside the first, as seen by the right eye.

Autostereogram by Amy Ione
Autostereogram by Amy Ione Autostereogram by Christopher W. Tyler

Geometric shapes appear that seem to rest on different planes appear when this image is viewed correctly.

A heart pops out from the center of this image when this images is viewed correctly.