Amy Ione

Amy Ione's Artwork is available here

Reflections on Water by Amy Ione Necker Cube Painting by Amy IOne

Reflections on Water #1,
Mixed Media on paper

Necker Cube,
Oil on canvas

Art Statement:

Over the years I have explored artmaking visually and viscerally. I have also explored it academically. It is the studio engagement that I find most fulfilling. Indeed, my exploration with art as a practice continues because the results work in a way that makes me want to keep working. As I engage in my daily practice, I find that I continually re-discover my materials as I learn to push them in new directions. I also learn about scientific research as I “see” unexpected nuances in my art and research what I've found so fascinating. In addition, I learn about the work (and the world) outside of my studio as my art travels into the community. I also have learned to love the “exercises” that fail. Sometimes they simply record an effort to see something I could not find. At other times, the energy expended to make sense of something visually leads my work in new directions. If you are interested in learning more please send an email to Amy Ione and visit my art page on the Diatrope Books site, here