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Book Review: A Culture of Improvement: Technology and the Western Millennium (The MIT Press, Cambridge, MA, 2007 by Robert Friedel

Book and Exhibition Review: Take Your Time: Olafur Eliasson (Thames & Hudson, London, 2007) Curator and Editor: by Madeleine Grynsztejn, Curator

Book Review: Laws of Seeing (The MIT Press, Cambridge, MA, 2006) by Wolgang Metzger, Translated by Lothar Spillman, Steven Lehar, Mimsey Stromeyer, and Michael Wertheimer

Video Review: Looking for an Icon (First Run / Icarus Films) by Hans Pool & Maaik Krijgsman, Directors

Book Review: From Technological to Virtual Art (The MIT Press, 2007) by Frank Popper

Book Review: Visual Thought: The depictive space of perception (Advances in Consciousness Research: 67, John Benjamins Publishing Co, 2006) by Liliana Albertazzi, Editor

Book Review: Scientific Pluralism (Minnesota Studies in the Philosophy of Science, University Of Minnesota Press, 2006) by Stephen H. Kellert, Helen E. Longino, and C. Kenneth Waters, Editors

Book Review: Too Beautiful to Picture: Zeuxis, Myth, and Mimesis (University Of Minnesota Press, 2007) by Elizabeth C. Mansfield

Book Review: The Sculpture of Ruth Asawa: Contours in the Air (University of California Press, 2006) by Daniell Cornell, Editor; with essays by Daniell Cornell, Emily K. Doman Jennings, Mary Emma Harris, Karin Higa, Jacqueline Hoefer, Paul J. Karlstrom, John Kriedler, Susan Stauter, and Sally Woodbridge

Book Review: Bernie Boston: American Photojournalist (RIT Cary Graphic Arts Press, Rochester, NY, 2006) by Therese Mulligan

Video Review: Playing the News (First Run/Icarus Films, 2005) by Jeff Plunkett and Jigar Mehta, Directors

Book Review: Char Davies's Immersive Virtual Art and the Essence of Spatiality ( Universityof Toronto Press 2007) by Laurie McRobert

Book Review: Drawing Distinctions: The Varieties of Graphic Expression (Cornell Press, 2005) by Patrick Maynard

Book Review: Shadows of Reality: The Fourth Dimension in Relativity, Cubism, and Modern Thought (Yale, 2006) by Tony Robbin

Book Review: Beyond Geometry: Experiments in Form, 1940s-70s by Lynn Zelevansky, Ed.

Video Review: The Junction (by Ilan Ziv, Director, Icarus / First Films, Brooklyn, NY, 2003), Leonardo Review, 2005

Book Review: Robert Smithson and the American Landscape (by Ron Graziani, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge and New York, 2004) Leonardo Reviews, 2005

Conference Review: American Association for Synesthesia Annual Meeting, Leonardo Reviews, 2005

Video Review: Howard Zinn: You Can't Be Neutral on a Moving Train (by Deb Ellis and Denis Mueller, Icarus / First Run Films, Brooklyn, NY, 2004), Leonardo Reviews 2004

Book Review: Neurology of the Arts (by F. Clifford Rose, published by Imperial College Press, 2004), Leonardo Reviews.

Book Review: Odd Man Out: Readings of the Work and Reputation of Edgar Degas (by Carol Armstrong, Getty Publications, Los Angeles, CA, 2003, Leonardo Reviews

Book Review: Beyond Productivity: Information Technology, Innovation, and Creativity (William J. Mitchell, Alan S. Inouye, and Marjory S. Blumenthal, Editors, published by The National Academies Press, 2003), Leonardo Reviews

Book Review: Masaccio: Saint Andrew and the Pisa Altarpiece (Rowlands, Eliot W., J. Paul Getty Museum Publications, Los Angeles, 2003), Leonardo Reviews

Book Review: Sex and the Dow Jones (by Jean-Charles Massera, 2003, Lukas & Sternberg). Interreview

Book Review: Compelling Visuality: The Work of Art In and Out of History (Claire Farago and Robert Zwijnenberg, Editors; University of Minnesota Press, 2003), Consciousness, Literature, and Art

Book Review: The Art Question (by Nigel Warbuton, Routledge, 2002), Consciousness, Literature, and the Arts, (in press)

Book Review: Degas Through His Eyes (by Michael Marmor, Somogy Editions D'Art, Paris, 2002). Leonardo Reviews (in press)

Book/Exhibition Review: Illuminating the Renaissance: The Triumph of Flemish Manuscript Painting in Europe (by Thomas Kren and Scot McKendrick, J. Paul Getty Museum, 2003) and Treasures of a Lost Art: Italian Manuscript Painting of the Middle Ages and Renaissance, (by Pia Palladino, Yale, Metropolitan Museum of Art, 2002), Leonardo Reviews.

Book Review: Making Space: The Development of Spatial Representation and Reasoning (by Nora S. Newcombe and Janellen Huttenlocher, MIT Press, 2000/2003), Leonardo Reviews.

Book Review: Photography's Other Histories, ( by Christopher Pinney and Nicolas Peterson (eds.), 2003, Duke University Press), Leonardo Reviews, 2003.

Book Review: Three Art Assessments The Silver Drawing Test, Draw-a Story, and Stimulus Drawing by Rawley Silver (2002, Brunner-Routledge). Journal of Consciousness Studies 11(2):82-84

Video Review: Other American Voices. A Film by Corinna Belz & Nel Hollander, First Run / Icarus Films (2002). Leonardo Reviews, 2003.

Book Review: Exploring Science: The Cognition and Development of Discovery Processes, By David Klahr; Foreword by Herbert A. Simon (2002, MIT Press/A Bradford Book). Leonardo Reviews, 2003.

Exhibition and Book Review: Time Stands Still: Muybridge and the Instantaneous Photography Movement, Guest Curator, Philip Prodger. (Iris and B. Gerald Cantor Arts Center at Stanford University, Palo Alto, California, USA. January 25, 2004 to February 5-May 11, 2003. The Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland, Ohio USA. Nov. 16, 2003 - Jan. 25, 2004); Time Stands Still: Muybridge and the Instantaneous Photography Movement By Philip Prodger and Tom Gunning, (Oxford University Press, 2003). Leonardo Reviews 36(5):399.

Book Review: Images from Science: An Exhibition of Scientific Photography. Organized by the School of Photographic Arts and Sciences, Rochester Institute of Technology. (Cary Graphic Arts Press, 2002) Leonardo Reviews 36(5):417-8

Book Review: A Scientist's Vision Of Art: A Review of Margaret Livingstone's Vision and Art: The Biology of Seeing. PSYCHE, 9(09), February 2003.

Video Review and Book Review: The Spectre of Hope: With Sebastiäo Salgado and John Berger Directed by Paul Carlin, (Produced by Paula Jalfon, Colin MacCabe and Adam Simon First Run/Icarus Films); Migrations by Sebastiäo Salgado (Aperture, 2000); The Children: Refugees and Migrants by Sebastiäo Salgado and Lelia Wanick Salgado (Ed.) (Aperture, 2000), Leonardo Digital Review, (February 2003).

Book Review: Ways of the Hand: A Rewritten Account by David Sudnow, Foreward by Hubert L. Dreyfus (2001, MIT) . Journal of Consciousness Studies,(in press).

Book Review: Gerhard Richter: Forty Years of Painting by Robert Storr, Gerhard Richter; and RICHTER 858 by Gerhard Richter. Leonardo Digital Review,(February 2003)

Book Review: Virtual Art: From Illusion to Immersion (Leonardo Books) by Oliver Grau, Leonardo Digital Review, (February 2003)

Conference Review: ArtSci2002: New Dimensions in Collaboration, December 6-8 (2002). Leonardo Digital Review. (January 2003).

Book Review: Exploring Consciousness by Rita Carter, (2002, UCP) Leonardo Digital Review. (December 2002).

Book Review: Representing Place; Landscape Painting and Maps (2002, Minn Univ Press) by Edward S. Casey. Leonardo Digital Review. (December 2002).

Book Review: The Judgement of the Eye: The Metamorphoses of Geometry—One of the Sources of Visual Perception and Consciousness, by Jürgen Weber. (2002, Springer), Leonardo Digital Review. (October 2002).

Book Review: The Rise of Surrealism-Cubism, Dada, and the Pursuit of the Marvelous&Mac226; by Willard Bohn. (State University of New York Press, 2002) Consciousness, Literature, and the Arts.

Web Journal Review: Tout-Fait: The Marcel Duchamp Studies Online Journal Leonardo Digital Review. (September 2002).

Book Review: Bright Earth: Art and the Invention of Color by Philip Ball. (Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2001) Leonardo Digital Review.. (September 2002).

Book Review: Upheaval from the Abyss: Ocean Floor Mapping and the Earth Science Revolution by David M. Lawrence. (Rutgers University Press. New Brunswick, New Jersey, 2002) Leonardo Digital Review. (August 2002).

Conference Review: 7th Annual Meeting of the International Society for the History of the Neurosciences (ISHN), Los Angeles, California, USA (1-5 June 2002). Leonardo Digital Review. (July 2002).

Book Review: Leon Battista Alberti: Master Builder of the Italian Renaissance by Anthony Grafton. (Harvard Univ Press 2002) Leonardo Digital Review. (June 2002).

Book Review: Surrounding Surrounded: Essays on Space and Science (edited by Peter Weibel). (MIT 2002) Leonardo Digital Review. (June 2002).

Book Review: The Establishment of Science in America: 150 Years ofthe American Association for the Advancement of Science by Sally Gregory Kohlstedt, Michael M. Sokal, and Bruce V. Lewenstein. (Rutgers Univ Press 1999) The Human Nature Review, 2(2002), 153-155.

Book Review: Unfolding Bodymind: Exploring Possibility Through Education (Editors Brent Hocking, Johnna Haskell, and Warren Linds). Consciousness, Literature and the Arts 3:2, August 2002

Book Review: The Postdigital Membrane: Imagination, Technology and Desire by Robert Pepperell and Michael Punt. Journal of Consciousness Studies, 8(12), 88-89. (2001)

Book Review: Suspensions of Perception by Jonathan Crary. Journal of Consciousness Studies, 8 (1), 89-91. (2001)

Conference Review: The Brain and Self Workshop: Elsinore, Denmark, August 21-24, 1997 (Conference Report). Journal of Consciousness Studies, 3(5/6) 390-392. (with Keith Sutherland)