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Art and the Brain: Plasticity, Embodiment, and the Unclosed Circle

Art and the Brain offers a profound assessment of our ever-evolving view of the biological brain as it pertains to embodied human experience. Moving from Deep History to the present — with a focus on innovation and practices — this volume’s full-spectrum approach interweaves neurological research, theories of mind, art investigations, and cultural systems. Rendering the creative currents of exploration over time allows the volume’s multidisciplinary framework to (1) examine nascent responses to perception, thought and feelings in historical times and our current paradigm; (2) establish that artists and scientists frequently work in tandem as new discoveries emerge; (3) demonstrate that the conceiving and critiquing of emerging ideas of brain function operates across disciplines, within paradigms, and intergenerationally; and (4) provide a foundation for future investigations of neuroscience, art, and the humanities. Extensive illustrations make the book accessible to both general and specialist readers.

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Amy Ione has published extensively in art, science, technology and cognitive neuroscience.

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