Amy Ione


This list is comprised of books Amy Ione has authored in full, edited, contributed to and/or illustrated.

Ione, Amy. Innovation and Visualization: Trajectories, Strategies, and Myths. Rodopi, 2005.

Ione, Amy. Nature Exposed to Our Method of Questioning. Berkeley, Calif: The Diatrope Press, 2002.

Special editor:

"Visual Images and Visualization", Journal of the History of the Neurosciences. Vol 17 (3) (2007) (invited issue editor)


Studio Ione, Artwork by Amy Ione, Diatrope Books (2003)

Illustrations by Amy Ione.

Bass, Jerry. Tjotjok. Diatrope Press, 2002.

Author and Managing Editor:

Roger F. Malina, Michael Punt and Claudy Op den Kamp (eds). Leonardo Reviews Quarterly 2.01 with Essays on the Sublime in Art Science. MIT Press, 2012.



Ione, Amy. "Visual images and neurological illustration," Finger, Stanley, and François Boller MD Tyler, Kenneth, eds. History of Neurology: Handbook of Clinical Neurology. 1st ed. Elsevier, 2010, Pages 271-287


Ione, Amy. “Multiple Discovery.” In Encyclopedia of Creativity, edited by Mark A. Runco and Steven R. Pritzker, 153–160. 2nd ed. San Diego: Academic Press, 2011.


"Paul Cézanne and Pragnänz,”

Albertazzi, Liliana, Gert J. Van Tonder, and Dhanraj Vishwanath. “Perception beyond inference: the information content of visual processes”. Cambridge, Mass: MIT Press, 2010.


“Las Meninas: Examining Velázquez’ Enigmatic Painting.”

Las Meninas and Self-representation JCS Volume 15, No. 9, edited by Anthony Freeman, 2008.


“Locating the Artist within Views of Consciousness: Perception, Reception, and Art history,

”Michael Punt and Robert Pepperell (eds). Screen Consciousness: Cinema, Mind and World. (Amsterdam, Rodopi) pp27-40 (200)6


“Neurology, Painting, and Synesthesia.”

The Neurobiology of Painting, Volume 74: International Review of Neurobiology, edited by F. Clifford Rose, 69–78. 1st ed. Academic Press, 2006.


"Defining Visual Representation as a Creative and Interactive Modality.”

Visual Representations and Interpretations, edited by Ray Paton and Irene Neilsen, 112–120. 1st ed. Springer, 1999.


“The Gift of Seeing: Nineteenth Century Views from the Field.”

Art, Technology, Consciousness: Mind Large, edited by Roy Ascott, 84–89. Intellect, 2002.

Maganing Editor:

Arts, Humanities, and Complex Networks: A Leonardo E-book edited by Maximilian Schich, Isabel Meirelles, and Roger Malina. Produced in partnership with Leonardo/International Society for the Arts, Sciences and Technology and MIT Press, 2012